Monday, March 3, 2008

Hardly working

I got a letter today from Werner Enterprises, a nationwide trucking company that's pretty much my top choice for post-truck-school employment, telling me that my pre-application has been pre-approved. This means I have a job waiting for me provided I can pass the Cali commercial driver's license test. The job in question would have me gallivanting all over the United States and Canada in a big ol' truck.

Here's the part that gets me: the minimum wage for a first-year long haul Werner driver is exactly the same as what I used to make at The Wreck (the newspaper where I worked before enrolling in truck school). And Werner's wages are actually lower on the scale than some other companies, though I have my reasons for preferring them, and chances are that I'll make more than the minimum amount, depending on how much gallivanting I want to do.

To put it a different way, I went to college for five years, did several unpaid internships, then spent several years working my way up the ladder to get to The Wreck's salary bracket. Then I quit, enrolled in a six-week course, and at the end of it will make the same amount of money. I'm not sure whether to be amused, depressed, or both.

But hey, I got a job!


Abby said...

congratulations. i'm really really happy for you. always so nice to get the job and get the weight off your shoulders. HOORAY!

Joe said...

>But hey, I got a job!
I hope Werner changed their ways. I really do. I wish I could share your enthusiasm. Maybe Werner will treat you good. But, don't be surprised if Werner screws you. As I, and hundreds, of former Werner employees found out. The hard way.

1. Know a good lawyer.

2. Be prepared to do things you don't like to keep your job.

3. Don't rock the boat.

4. Consider small carriers--not the big companies.

Werner is not a job--it's indentured servitude. Werner Enterprises has NOT increased student's pay for over 7 years! I'm sure they charge their clients more.

Google: Werner Enterprises Screws