Wednesday, May 21, 2008

West, but not far enough

LAKELAND, FL - They're sending me to Dallas. Apparently not a whole lot of drivers/trainers go through Florida because there isn't much freight going out of this state, but there are so many students here that they're putting us in rental cars and sending us to Dallas. This whole thing is becoming almost comically ridiculous.

I sort of had a meltdown last night. My roommate had left in the morning and I had spent the whole day holed up in the hotel room by myself watching the Food Network and driving myself crazy, and ended up crying on the phone to R in the middle of the night, talking about my tendencies to run away from myself.

It's so hard to gain momentum, then so easy to lose it.


David M. Howell said...

Hmm interesting tales. But I'd like to pick your brain regarding the deeper intellectual experience. You see, I've spent over 25 years writing TV spots--or as I said at a lecture several years ago, giving people a reason to go to the bathroom during prime time.

But I'm itching to get back on the road (did a short stint for SNI before the agency world came calling again). Do you miss the cerebral side of your past life? I know through your blog you're wrestled with this decision...what do you really think?

Thanks, it will help greatly. Keep up the writing and drive save.

Trkrjim said...

Hi, I just found your blog. I have not had much time to read through it yet but wanted to wish you the best and tell you to hang in there. It's a crazy world, I go to school online from the local community college near my home in Iowa,while i'm driving all over the country just because I can really. knowlage is power right?