Friday, July 4, 2008

Lug it out

LODI, CA - I'm sitting in a truck stop about 15 minutes away from my house, but don't have the time or chance to actually go home. It's disorienting to be on home turf yet not be able to act like it. Leaving soon, always leaving soon.

New trainer Larry told me in full seriousness that oranges are bad for you because the acid wears down enamel on teeth. He said this as he put a dip of Copenhagen chewing tobacco between his lip and set of rotting teeth.

Things are all right, I suppose. Larry watched me drive for all of about 15 minutes before he said I had everything under control and retreated into the sleeper, leaving me to drive in peace. What's nice is that I feel comfortable enough already behind the wheel, so I don't need the supervision. Otherwise, he and I have absolutely nothing in common and our conversations feel like we're both speaking different languages.

Also, he doesn't eat. Like, seriously. The man lives on Pepsi and Copenhagen, and when I try to stop for food he acts like we're going to be late for everything in the world because of me. By the happy coincidence of my being in Cali right now, my roommate just met me at this truck stop and brought my cooler, which I left at home because I didn't think I'd need it on a trainer truck. (Thanks again for the cooler, Lunza!) Now I can stock up on sandwiches and stuff, and not sit there munching on Wheat Thins just to stave off the lightheadedness caused by not eating all day, which is what I did yesterday until I finally stopped for a much-needed square meal at about midnight in Oregon.

Oh, and he's a flatbed driver. Which means I am supposed to help strap down things like vinyl window parts to the truck, which is not something I have any intention of ever doing. Ever. Especially not for the amount of money Werner is paying me. Cheap bastards.

I only have 80-odd hours of training left. Should be done by next weekend. This shit seriously needs to be over so I can finally get my own truck.


Laura said...

Oh yes, your own truck! That is thrilling. As much as I love aspects of my lfe, I still have a part of me that wants to live the gypsy life. I really wonder what my next step will be, where it will take me.

Anonymous said...

I'm very glad to hear that you're getting use out of the cooler. :) And that you're doing well in your training.

Jason said...

When I did my over-the road training with a mentor driver, I really got along well with him. We were both sensible people, clean, respected each other, etc.

Even with such a positive situation, finally getting my own truck was AWESOME! I never had to worry about wether he wanted to pull into a truck stop or not. I never had to keep the stereo quiet because he was sleeping behind the curtain. Gone were the days where I had to be considerate of another person in the truck, and it was finally all about me.

I can only imagine how stoked you'll be once you get your own truck.

Soon, all this nonsense of dealing with someone else in your truck will be over, and you'll be hitting the highway--Solo! Learn as much as you can now, as hard as it might be to interact with these folks, 'cause come one day soon, it's going to be all you.

Gi-Gi Roxx said...

I find it slightly retarded that they have you training with a flatbedder... but at least you're out there rolling and getting closer to being out there rolling on your own. Best of luck chick.