Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Driving test, take one

I have failed my first attempt at a DMV driving test. Doh!

It wasn't even really my fault. I was mostly done with the route and was on the freeway headed to the lot by the county fairgrounds for the parking skills test (the part I was most worried about), when a car cut me off. I was trying to merge into the right lane to take an exit, and the car sped up on the on-ramp and zoomed past me at about 80mph. It made my driving test an automatic fail, since I allegedly didn't see the car coming. After failing me, the examiner told me that my driving was excellent, which made me want to punch him in the face.

Very, very pissed off about this. I'd like to hunt down the driver of that car, beat him to a bloody pulp, and steal $30, because that's how much I need to pay to re-test. Fuckity fuck. I go back to the DMV on Thursday. One can only hope that the jackass drivers of Stockton will have taken themselves out by then.


Joann B. said...

When I took my driver's test at 16, I had just pulled out of the parking lot onto a major street (or what passes for one in Yuba City) when the tester told me to change lanes and make a left turn at the next light. Traffic was so heavy that I couldn't do it. Then she told me to go back to the DMV and I was sure I had flunked -- but instead after showing I could parallel park and I forget what else, I passed. Maybe things have changed since the dark ages. ;)

baltimore yoga student said...

Hey, better luck on Thursday! Thursdays are lucky days for me - so I'll be thinking of you.

This past weekend, Dave and I were in Fell's Point (we did the Fell's Point Ghost Walk and dinner at Slainte) and as we were walking back to my car, we passed the H&S Bakery building. Since I work in Fell's Point, I walk by the bakery building and truck lots a whole bunch - and I was telling Dave that it's the H&S trucks that remind me of you the most, especially when they are backing into those tiny spots at the H&S building. And as I was saying this, one of the trucks pulled up, and we both stopped walking, turned around and watched the driver back into the tiny slot.

I'm sharing this story - because I want you to know that I think of you often, and I'm very proud and impressed with what you're doing!


Abby said...

i guess i'm confused. so you didn't see the fuckhat who was driving aggressively and cut you off? but you didn't hit anyone or break any laws? you failed the driving test because you have blind spots? like all humans?

i suppose i actually feel kind of good about this. that the people who license truckers are very serious about what they do. while i'm sure that most truckers are very good and very careful, the act of driving a tractor trailer is an extremely hazardous way to spend one's day. i'm glad the driving test is no joke.

i'm sure you'll be fine today. i love you.