Monday, April 28, 2008

My heartland fade across the line

CHICAGO, IL - Funny thing about this new life of mine: sometimes I go for days on end without internet access, sometimes I get two full evenings to sit in truck stop cafes and play online. Currently enjoying a cup of tea and some chocolate pudding in a gigantic and very muddy truck stop in Chicago after running around northern Illinois all day. It was snowing! Now it's just raining and miserable and cold.

As per suggestions (and my own prior intentions), I've set up a Twitter account. I'll be posting short updates from my cell phone at least daily when I can't get online. If you're reading this blog by visiting the page, you can find it at the top of the sidebar. If you're getting it through a feed, look me up on Twitter.

Right now would be a good time to upload a bunch of pictures I've taken lately, but the camera cord is in the truck and I don't feel like wading though half a mile of mud just to get it right now. Instead, I'll transcribe some of the notes I've taken over the past week.

Randomly heard on the CB somewhere in AZ or NM: "What the hell are we doing out here on these roads? You spend so much time in that truck that when you get out you look like a big old walking bucket seat."

The man in the next truck at the TA in Santa Rosa, NM, is sitting behind the steering wheel, reading a newspaper and drinking milk straight out of the carton. Just another evening at home...

A young woman in a truck stop bathroom is scrubbing her face over and over. "Sixteen hours in a car," she says to me when she sees me watching her. "Try a few days in a big rig," I tell her, smile, and walk out as she looks at me in awe.

I asked my trainer why he chose to be a coed trainer, because many of the male trainers I met in Fontana said they'd never train women. "They are better students," he said. "They listen better."

Going to Georgia tomorrow. One can only hope it will not be snowing. And the further away I am from California, the less likely I am to walk off the truck. And after a long phone conversation last night, I feel a little more at peace with where I am right now.

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Anonymous said...

It is beautiful and sunny here...just like me. You may not get this in time, but if you are in GA and pass through da ATL I'd love to come meet you. We could snap into a slim jim and talk monkey hauling.