Friday, April 25, 2008

RIVERSIDE, CA - Back in SoCal after a run to Amarillo, TX, and back.

Honestly, it's been rough. Crying in truck stop bathrooms kind of rough. I'm having second and third and millionth thoughts. But I'm here. It's only been four days.

No time at all to get online. Currently borrowing my trainer's laptop to post. Probably won't have time or chance to post on my own until I get my own truck.

Don't panic. It always gets worse before it gets better.


Inner Jib said...

You might be having a million thoughts about if you should or can do this.

But you just did a run to Texas and back.

You're already doing it.

Flying Jib said...

Seriously though, I had a rough time at first as well, and then after a couple of weeks after being out on my own I was having a blast. You just have to trust that it gets better based on advice from those who have gone before you (I'm not necessarily saying me, but other SMART people).